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The Off-Grid Solar Inverter has been around for many years, and when Solar Advice opened its doors back in 2016, Off-Grid Inverters, like Voltronic’s Axpert Inverter and Growatt Off-Grid Inverters, were our top sellers.

Over the years, some successful and non-successful Off-Grid inverters have entered the market and quickly disappeared. This is primarily due to the newer Hybrid Inverters.

These entry level Off-Grid Solar Inverter prices were the main reason for mass interest in these types of solar power inverters, and back then, we didn’t have many other options.

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Today, we have Hybrid Inverters that have power blending capabilities, which means that should you not be producing enough solar power to support your usage, the Hybrid will pull the deficit from the Grid or your Solar Batteries. The Off-Grid does not do this. If your usage exceeds your production, the Off-Grid will completely switch over to grid supply which is not ideal as you will be wasting your freely produced solar power, and you’re back to paying Eskom for electricity.
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LuxPowerTek 5kW Inverter

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R11902,50 inc VAT


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