If you’re looking for a reliable load shedding solution to end the always-present grid failure struggle, an inverter battery system is the one for you.

The grid failure crisis has wreaked havoc on our economy over the last ten years, and many South Africans agree that there is a way to lessen the burden: Buy an Inverter Battery system.

Deciding to buy a battery and inverter for load shedding has dramatically improved the quality of life for many families in South Africa because they no longer have the weight of having to prepare for grid failure. Installing a battery backup kit allows for future growth of these homes by being converted to a Solar Power Kit so they can produce their own power instead of relying on the grid.

Energy independence is a necessity today, and we hope to see many more homes and businesses achieve this because who knows what the future holds for us. Instead, plan for the worst and hope for the best.

How do Inverter Battery Kits Work?
Alternative current (AC) power from the grid is pulled by a solar inverter where it is converted to Direct current (DC) power and fed into the battery bank and stored as emergency backup power.

When load shedding strikes, the solar inverter will pull the stored backup power, convert the DC power back into AC power which can then be used in our homes.

For an in-depth guide to Inverter Battery kits and their components, read our online guide here: Inverter Battery Guide.

The products in our plug-and-play systems make them the perfect battery and inverter for home and business use to combat load shedding.

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